Michigan Law Revision Commission

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MLRC Members

  • Peter B. Ruddell (Chair)
  • Lucius A. Vassar (Vice Chair)
  • Trent B. Collier
  • Amy E. Murphy
  • Senator Jim Runestad
  • Senator Stephanie Chang
  • Representative Kara Hope
  • Representative Tom Kuhn


  • Jennifer Dettloff
Michigan Law Revision Commission
Boji Tower - 3rd floor
124 West Allegan St.
PO Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909-7536
(517) 373-0212


Legislation enacted in 1965 establishing the Legislative Council, Act 412 of 1965 (since superseded by Act 268 of 1986), also authorized the creation of a law revision commission to "examine the common law and statutes of the state and current judicial decisions for the purpose of discovering defects and anachronisms in the law and recommending needed reforms." The commission makes an annual report to the Legislative Council.

Minutes of MLRC Meetings



















Annual Reports of the MLRC

2021-2022 Fifty-Second Annual Report
2020 Fifty-First Annual Report
2019 Fiftieth Annual Report
2018 Forty-Ninth Annual Report
2017 Forty-Eight Annual Report
2015-2016 Forty-Seventh Annual Report
2014 Forty-Sixth Annual Report
2012-2013 Forty-Fifth Annual Report
2011 Forty-Fourth Annual Report
2010 Forty-Third Annual Report
2009 Forty-Second Annual Report
2008 Forty-First Annual Report
2006-2007 Fortieth Annual Report
2004-2005 Thirty-Ninth Annual Report
2003 Thirty-Eighth Annual Report
2002 Thirty-Seventh Annual Report
2001 Thirty-Sixth Annual Report
2000 Thirty-Fifth Annual Report
1999 Thirty-Fourth Annual Report
1998 Thirty-Third Annual Report
1997 Thirty-Second Annual Report
1996 Thirty-First Annual Report
1995 Thirtieth Annual Report
1994 Twenty-Ninth Annual Report
1993 Twenty-Eighth Annual Report
1992 Twenty-Seventh Annual Report
1991 Twenty-Sixth Annual Report
1990 Twenty-Fifth Annual Report
1989 Twenty-Fourth Annual Report
1988 Twenty-Third Annual Report
1987 Twenty-Second Annual Report
1986 Twenty-First Annual Report
1985 Twentieth Annual Report
1984 Nineteenth Annual Report
1983 Eighteenth Annual Report
1982 Seventeenth Annual Report
1981 Sixteenth Annual Report
1980 Fifteenth Annual Report
1979 Fourteenth Annual Report
1978 Thirteenth Annual Report
1977 Twelfth Annual Report
1976 Eleventh Annual Report
1975 Tenth Annual Report
1974 Ninth Annual Report
1973 Eighth Annual Report
1972 Seventh Annual Report
1971 Sixth Annual Report
1970 Fifth Annual Report
1969 Fourth Annual Report
1968 Third Annual Report
1967 Second Annual Report
1966 First Annual Report

MLRC Documents

Report to the Legislature on Recommendations for Revisions to Michigan's Freedom of Information Act, 2017

A Call for More Michigan Sunshine: Updating the Open Meetings Act, 2012

Same Sex Marriage Report

Driver's Licenses for Immigrants

"Driver's Licenses, State ID, and Michigan Immigrants" Draft Report by Susan Reed, Michigan Immigrants Rights Center
"Deciding Who Drives. State Choices Surrounding Unauthorized Immigrants and Driver's Licenses"  Report by The Pew Charitable Trusts. August 18, 2015
Letter from William R. Kordenbrock, Chief Legal Counsel, Mi Department of State
Letter from Dale F. Freeman, Chairman, Interagency Migrant Services Committee; Director, Office of Migrant Affairs for the Mi Department of Health and Human Services
"State Laws Providing Access to Driver's Licenses or Cards, Regardless of Immigrant Status"  National Immigration Law Center
"Laws of the State that Grant Driver's Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants"  Provided by the Office of the Consul of Mexico in Detroit
Letter from Rev. Kate Kooyman  Office of Social Justice, Christian Reformed Church

Criminal Sentencing Guidelines and Procedures Project

Public comments to CSG Justice Center Draft Legislation
MLRC Special Report Sentencing Guidelines
CSG Final Report (1.1 MB)
Michigan Report Technical Appendix (2.35 MB)
North Carolina One Pager_10-23-14 (24 KB)
Jail and Prison Impacts (30 KB)
Appendix Lochridge (154 KB)
Justice Reinvestment Population Impacts 10-14-14 (54 KB)
Bill Draft Summary_10-14-14 (62 KB)
CSG_Sentencing Proposals v 2 10-9-14.pdf (475 KB)
CSG Sentencing Proposals Summary and Reactions 10-9-14 (65 KB)
CSG Presentation-November 5, 2014
Request for Public Comment / CSG Summary(268 KB)
Draft Legislation (745 KB)
CSG Presentation-May 13, 2014 (1.7 MB)
CSG Presentation-March 19, 2014 (2.2 MB)
CSG Presentation-Feb 13, 2014 (2.2 MB)
CSG Presentation-Dec 11, 2013 (2.03 MB)
CSG Presentation-September 24, 2013 (2.61 MB)
CSG Kickoff Presentation-June 20, 2013 (2.98 MB)
CSG Introductory Presentation-May 22, 2013 (2.03 MB)

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