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Director's Office

The Director of the Legislative Service Bureau is the chief administrative officer of the Bureau and is in charge of the routine management of the agency. The Legislative Council is responsible for the general program and policies of the Bureau and for the preparation and enforcement of rules and regulations concerning the services to be rendered.

Administrative Services

The Administration Division includes both the Human Resources Office and Business Office. The Human Resources Office is responsible for payroll, benefits administration, and related human resources services, such as training. The Business Office is responsible for accounting, budgeting, and purchasing functions. These two offices provide these administrative support functions to the Bureau, as well as to the other Legislative Council agencies and commissions.

Information Services

The Information Services Division develops, implements and maintains voice and data computer systems, and is responsible for providing the Legislature with consolidated chamber automation, drafting tools, and future updates to Legislative websites - known as the MiLENIA system. MiLENIA is the product of a several-year project coordinated by the Senate, House of Representatives, and LSB to consolidate disjointed legacy programs and utilize the same tools on a shared platform. The legislative drafting and amending tools, as well as the software used for chamber process automation and document management, committee management, and legislative conflicts management are all maintained by the Division. The Division provides computer support for all Bureau and Council activities and operates the Legislature's internal telephone system and provides essential Internet services to the Legislature and the Council Agencies. These services include:

  • Programming and Development of the Michigan Legislature's Website
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of the Legislative Network Infrastructure
  • Internet Service Provider for the House, Senate, Office of the Auditor General, LSB, and other Council Agencies


By statute, the Legal Division exists to provide the Michigan Legislature with nonpartisan legal counsel, bill drafting, law compilation and publishing, and related services that support the lawmaking process. The Legal Division is a professional staff made up of attorneys and support staff. The division's attorneys are members of the State Bar of Michigan. A major responsibility of the division is the drafting of bills and joint resolutions considered by the Legislature. The attorneys also draft substitute bills and amendments, prepare conference committee reports, provide legal memoranda, and provide non-policy legal counsel on legislative issues and the legal drafting process.

Legislative Printing

The Legislative Printing Division staff assist the Legislature with two types of printing. The division prints copies of daily documents generated by legislative sessions including journals and calendars, bills of introduction, and enrolled bills which are final versions of the law as passed by the Legislature. In addition, the division assists legislative offices by printing office stationery, newsletters, and booklets that legislators send to Michigan citizens to provide information on the operations and activities of the Legislature.

Research Services

The Research Services Division assists legislators and their staff by providing factual, nonpartisan information on a variety of general topics and on the increasingly technical and scientific basis of public policy. Division members answer questions, and gather and analyze data to help legislators as they prepare legislation or respond to questions they receive. The division drafts resolutions for legislators to introduce to deal with state issues or communicate with other levels of government on policy matters.

Legislative Service Bureau

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