Removing Statutory References to the

Juvenile Division of Probate Court:

A Report to the Michigan Law Revision Commission

When it created the family division of the circuit court in 1997, the Legislature enacted M.C.L. 600.1009 which provides:

A reference to the former juvenile division of probate court in any statute of this state shall be construed to be a reference to the family division of circuit court. [Effective Jan. 1, 1998]

Notwithstanding this provision, for ease of reference and to assist the public, the Commission believes that it is desirable to amend, as appropriate, each statute that refers to the former juvenile division of probate court.

The Commission recommends to the Legislature that it amend the following list of statutes by deleting the reference to the juvenile division of probate court and substituting therefor the family division of circuit court:

1. M.C.L. 3.704 , M.S.A. 4.146(4). Probate court jurisdiction.

2. M.C.L. 28.243(5), M.S.A. 28.243(5). Fingerprints, forwarding to state police; return of information, procedure.

3. M.C.L. 28.723, M.S.A. 4.475(3); M.C.L. 28.724, M.S.A. 4.475(4). Sex offenders registration act.

4. M.C.L. 141.472, M.S.A. 5.3190(102). Health and Safety Fund Act.

5. M.C.L. 257.732, M.S.A. 9.2432. Motor vehicle act violations.

6. M.C.L. 330.1498p, M.S.A. 14.800(498p). Civil admission and discharge procedures for emotionally disturbed minors; discharge form hospital.

7. M.C.L. 380.628, M.S.A. 15.4628. Intermediate schools districts; Board powers; schools for juvenile court wards.

8. Social Welfare Act: M.C.L. 400.115, M.S.A. 16.490(25) (services to children and youth); M.C.L. 400.115b, M.S.A. 16.490(25b) (children committed to state department of social services); M.C.L. 400.115d, M.S.A. 16.490(25d) (plan for establishment, maintenance, and operation of regional facilities for detaining children); M.C.L. 400.115f, M.S.A. (25f) (definitions); M.C.L. 400.115n, M.S.A. 16.490(25n) (escape from facility or residence by juvenile).

9. M.C.L. 400.203, M.S.A. 25.383. Michigan children's institute; admission.

10. Revised Judicature Act of 1961: M.C.L. 600.857, M.S.A. 27A.857 (jury trial); M.C.L. 600.867, M.S.A. 27A.867 (suspension of proceeding during pendency of appeal to court of appeals).

11. Probate Code: M.C.L. 712A.7, M.S.A. 27.3178(598.7) (register of juvenile division); (1) M.C.L. 712A.18g, M.S.A. 27.3178(598.18g) (commitment to detention facility); M.C.L. 712A.27, M.S.A. 27.3178(598.27) (quarters, equipment, supplies).

12. M.C.L. 722.131, M.S.A. 25.360(1). Foster care review boards; definitions.

13. M.C.L. 722.904, M.S.A. 25.248(104). Probate court jurisdiction of petition for waiver of parental consent; proceedings.

14. Michigan Penal Code: M.C.L. 750.145, M.S.A. 28.340 (contributing to neglect or delinquency of children); M.C.L. 750.520e, M.S.A. 28.788(5) (fourth degree criminal sexual conduct).

15. M.C.L. 780.781, M.S.A. 28.1287(781). Crime Victims Rights Act; definitions.

1. 1 In addition to amending the reference to the juvenile division of probate court, this section should be amended to change the reference to "[t]he judge of probate" to "the circuit judge."