Prepared for

The Michigan Law Revision Commission


Gary Gulliver,

Director, Legal Research.

Legislative Service Bureau


George Ivezaj,

Research Assistant,

Michigan State University,

Detroit College of Law

December 31, 1999

Executive Organization Act of 1965:

A Report to the Michigan Law Revision Commission

Since the enactment of the Executive Organization Act of 1965, the assignment of functions to the various state Departments has changed substantially from what is described in the 1965 Act. In 1999, the Michigan Law Revision Commission reviewed the Executive Organization Act of 1965 for possible amendment.

As part of its review, Gary Gulliver, Director, Legal Research, Legislative Service Bureau, and George Ivezaj, Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law, prepared the following Executive Order Index. This document -- organized by subject and agency -- references all Executive Orders issued since 1965 through December 31, 1999, which have reorganized and reassigned the functions of the various Michigan Departments and agencies.

The number of Executive Reorganization Orders issued annually is voluminous. In view of the constant and rapid change that occurs within Executive branch departments as a result of Executive Reorganization Orders, the Commission is of the view that amending the Executive Organization Act of 1965 to reflect the current assignment of functions and responsibilities among Executive branch departments borders on the futile. Any such amendment would be out of date the day after it was enacted. Nevertheless, the Commission believes that the citizens of Michigan should have available to them a single source to which they may refer in order to learn which Department is responsible for which function. We believe that the EO Index could be such a tool, provided it is made readily available to the public and is updated regularly.

Executive Order Index (in PDF format)